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Aamir Says ‘NO’ To Release Of Dangal In Pakistan

Aamir Khan’s Dangal has already won hearts of the viewers from all over the world ever since it hit the theaters. Even our neighbours, Pakistan wanted to release the movie. But their conditions were just not acceptable to Aamir and the makers of the film. It seemed like Pakistan Censor Board had issues with Indian National Flag and National Anthem. That’s why they asked the makers to cut those scenes from the movie.

Aamir was very clear and strong on his stand that the National Anthem wouldn’t be allowed to cut from the movie. If Pakistan wanted to release the movie it had to be with ‘National Anthem’ scene. When DNA contacted the director of the film Nitesh Tiwari he said that he completely agreed to Aamir’s opinion. He further told the daily:

“Even the thought of cutting out the national Anthem is completely unacceptable. However, I am curious to know what is the reason given for such a demand.”

But as usual our CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani thinks very differently. Pahlaj told the daily,” It’s very simple. Our national anthem which gives every Indian goosebumps ,is our national anthem. It’s constitutionally unacceptable across the border for our anthem to be played in their country. There is nothing shocking in this.”

But the bottom line is Aamir wouldn’t allow the movie to be released on these terms.

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