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Are The Cars Used In Rohit Shetty’s Movie A Waste ?

Rohit Shetty says that the cars used for doing  breathtaking stunts in his movies are stored by him in his basement instead of being scraped. He drives those cars at times and reuses them in movies.

None of his films is pictured without the cars flying- in- the- air scenes. Chennai express , Dilwale or Singham are such movies.

In a recent talk with the filmmaker , Rohit Shetty shared , ”They are all with me. Of course , if a car has crashed , then we cant do anything but we try to keep the rest of the cars. We sometimes use these cars again in the next films, but otherwise they just stay in the basement. It’s becoming like a Museum. Sometimes I take them out for a spin,”.


The viewers were curious to know the reason behind using these cars and showing flying and crashing scenes , as they thought may be it gave a Hollywood touch in movie ,  to which Rohit answered , ”Even I have noticed that. I make films for my audience. The tickets today counts 500-700 and we need to give them quality. If i cut down my budget then its like I am cheating on them, I don’t want to do that.”

Rohit is recently shooting for his upcoming movie ‘Golmaal again’ starring Ajay Devgan and Parineeti Chopra.

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