Ram Rahim Had Plotted A FILMY ESCAPE From The Court, Haryana Police Reveals The Whole Plan

Baba Ram Rahim had plotted a filmy escape from the Panchkula court on the day of conviction, the Haryana police confirmed. Speaking to reporters in Gurgaon yesterday, Inspector General of Police KK Rao told what exactly the plan was and how Haryana police sensed it.

Baba hatched a rare conspiracy with his supporters to escape from the court if at all he was convicted. And we had no prior information about it.
-KK Rao, IG, Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB), Haryana


The Red Bag….

As soon as the self-claimed Godman was convicted by the court, he demanded a ‘red bag’ from his SUV car, saying that it had his clothes in it. The red bag was actually a signal to spread the news of his conviction amongst the Dera followers so that they could start the violence.

The moment the judgment was out, baba told us that he needed his red bag from the car as it contained his clothes. We sent someone to get the bag. By the time the bag reached the courtroom, I could see that violence had erupted at least 2 kilometres from the court.
– KK Rao, IG, IRB Haryana


Standing on the court premises….

After the verdict was out, Baba and his adopted “daughter” Honeypreet Insaan stood outside the courtroom on the court premises for no clear reason. The police also suspected something off it as Ram Rahim and his adopted daughter appeared buying time. According to the Police, Baba was gaining time so that the violence could come close to the court making his escape easier.

By standing outside the courtroom on court premises, he wanted to know whether his supporters had gotten wind of his conviction. When he heard the tear gas being fired, he knew that the violence had broken out.
–KK Rao, IG, Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB), Haryana

The 80 car convoy….

By then police had sensed the plan and the danger. Police changed the initial planned route to take Baba to the chopper that was to take him to the Rohtak jail. The change of the route was necessary because the cars and SUVs that followed Baba from Sirsa could have more armed men inside them.

Rather than taking baba in his car till the chopper as planned, we decided to take him in DCP Crime’s car instead. We formed a human chain to take him till the car. That’s where our struggle began.
–KK Rao, IG, Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB), Haryana

Only a handful men were a part of the changed route plan. Had more policemen known about the plan, there was a high probability that some among the ranks would leak the intelligence to Ram Rahim supporters, said Rao.

Only a handful of policemen knew about the route to be taken to evacuate baba from the court. Had more policemen known, we feared it could have led to an intelligence leak.
KK Rao, IG, IRB, Haryana

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