Dhoni Was Seen Napping On The Field And Twitter Is Loving It

M.S. Dhoni and Rohit Sharma’s partnership saved the match and guided India to series win against Sri Lanka with a lead of 3-0 in a 5 matches ODI series.

In the last two matches Dhoni has proved that he has still got a crucial role to play in the team. Dhoni’s not out 67 with Rohit’s 124 runs helped India win the match by 6 wickets.

But in an unfortunate incident, when Dhoni was batting on 61 and Rohit Sharma was on 122, the play was halted for around 35 minutes. The rowdy behaviour fr0m the home supporters forced the umpires to pause the play and send the players back to the dressing room. After Sri Lanka’s continuous bad performance in test and ODI series the supporters threw bottles into the field when India needed only 8 runs to win.

Amid the chaos Dhoni was seen having a quick nap on the field. With the win and of course Dhoni napping on the field, Twitter had a field day!

#1) After all you have got a wall on the other side.

#2) That’s some photoshop.

#3) We have all been there.

#4) Nothing else to do!

#5) Well observed!

#6) Another good work with photoshop.

#7) “The job here is almost done”

#8) ROFL!

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