This Hrithik Roshan Photo From Krrish Is Twitter’s New Favourite For Memes

After Modi’s lost-in-thoughts memes, it’s now time for hilarious Hrithik Roshan memes. Creative minds out there never fail to give us, our daily dose of laughter.

Twitter turned this scene from the movie, Krrish in a viral meme. The scene in the movie is quite intense ,where Rohit’s ( Hrithik’s character in the movie) powers were misused .

But with these captions you wont think of the scene, the same way anymore. This still has been doing rounds with the captions that will make you burst into laughter. Here are the best ones.

#1)  Intern told to xerox papers.

#2) Kattt gaya! LOL

#3) Pulled it for myself!

#4) He should be in team. 

#5) Data suckers. 

6) That feeling!

#7) I’ve been forced in this Maa. 

#8) Lol!

#9) What I do better is serve as 12th man. 

#10) Definitely !

#11) Keep Rolling. 

#12) “Change the Bulb”

#13) That one hand ! Hahahaha

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