Hungry Man Kills Mother In A Drunken Condition And Eats Her Heart With Pepper And Chutney

What you are about to read might be the most brutal crime you have ever come across till date. Just the thought of it would scare the hell out of a human with normal mental state.

According to Mid-day, a 27-year-old man, in a drunken condition, allegedly stabbed his mother to death and then ate her heart after quarreling with her. The incident happened in Kohlapur, Maharashtra.

The accused is identified as Sunil Kuchakurni, a resident of Mahawala Vasat in Tararani chowk, Kolhapur, while the deceased is identified as Yelava.

On Monday morning Sunil, drunk and deprived of food, came home hungry. Since his wife stays at her maternal house, he first went to neighbour’s house to ask for food. When he didn’t get good there, he entered his own house and had a fight with his 65-year-old mother, Yelava.

Sanjay Moore, senior inspector of Shahupuri police statiom, told Mid-day,

“After entering the house, he started fighting with his mother. Suddenly, in a fit of rage, he gagged her and then stabbed her to death. Later, he took out her heart and placed it on a plate. We found chatni and pepper spray at his house, which he had sprinkled on the heart. We suspect he ate a part of it. He has been arrested and further investigation into the matter is on.”

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