Kangana’s Explosive Interview Has Flooded Twitter With Hilarious Memes

While Hrithik has chosen to stay hushed over the whole controversy, Kangana Ranaut never holds it back when it comes to answering questions about her fallout with Hrithik Roshan, with whom she was in a relationship.

Both have had a war of word and a legal battle which became a mystery that couldn’t be solved. Kangana who has proven her talent as an actor said in a recent promotional event that she would always answer questions related to the controversy for she doesn’t know what to say except not answering the questions truthfully.

Heard about Kangana’s explosive interview to Rajat Sharma on TV show Aap ki Adalat? It has been all over the news from the time it aired. It was funny, intense, inspirational – at different times. Kangana talked about her initial struggle as an outsider in the industry and how she managed to leave all that behind and reach where she is now.

A lot of allegations were made against ex Hrithik Roshan, Rakesh Roshan and Aditya Pancholi. She even accused Aditya Pancholi of house-arresting her. You should watch the full episode because there is just too much to tell.

Her fearless and explosive comments gave people some quality content for memes and Twitter did the justice to it. Here are the most hilarious ones-

#1) Every Mom.

#2) Don’t even bother asking. 

#3) Fake People!

#4) Can’t afford.

#5) Another one on Moms. 

#6) LOL!

#7) Give us some.

#8) ROFL

#9) Water is not something to be bought. 😀

#10) LMAO

#11) Relaunch if needed!

#12) Watch it till the end! LOL

#13. Watch at home.

#14) Abidas not Adidas!

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