This Picture Of Choppers Landing One After Another Is Twitter’s New Favourite For Memes

Talking about the creativity, Twitter is at its best right now. A simple picture that you didn’t even look at the second time suddenly turns into something so funny.

And all it takes is a caption and the image is no more the same. In no time the photo goes viral with people coming up with even funnier captions.

Now a photo of choppers landing one after the other is Twitter’s new favourite. Here is the picture we are talking about. Have a look!

Seems like a simple picture, Doesn’t it? Now see this picture again with the captions that people came up with and it will make you burst with laughter.

#1) Every freaking time!

#2) Say no more!

#3) Just behind you, Sir.

#4) Apt AF!

#5) Miracle!

#6) Did i always have these many friends?

#7) Party!

#8) Every month!

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