This Recent Photo Of PM Modi Lost-In-Thoughts Is A Viral Meme Now

This photo of PM Narendra Modi lost in thoughts has become a viral meme. Once the photo hit the internet, it started circulating all over the internet with some hilarious captions.

Social media is your daily dose of entertainment, news and what not. People on internet are constantly looking for contents for meme-ing. Just like you, we have no idea what random photo might turn into a hot meme on the internet.

It seems like Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is memers’ favourite. This time they got a picture of PM Modi lost in thoughts and then a chain of memes started.

Here is the picture we are talking about.

The picture was snapped when Modi attended the 9th BRICS Summit in his three-day visit to China’s Xiamen last week. Shot by Mark Shiefelbein when Modi was listening to a speech during the Dialogue of Emerging Market and Developing Countries, the picture is Twitter’s new favourite for memes.

Netizens gave an insight in Modi’s mind and the thoughts that might be running through his head. Here are the best ones. 

#1) It cost a lot. 

#2) Lol, “What are you doing here Keju?”

#3) No Word!

#4) Let’s Plan!

#5) That sad moment!

#6) ROFL!

#8) “Where should I go?”

#9) I wish…..

#10) Painful 😛

#11) Again man!

 #12) A lot ! 🙁

#13) We have all portrayed ourselves superhero in our mind. Haven’t we?

#14) What’s left?

#15) Relatable af.

#16) Don’t note ‘Bandi’ if she doesn’t note you back. 

#17) Fixed it.

#18) “We need to talk” scares us all. 

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