Rishi Kapoor Sends An Abusive Message To A Woman For Making A Meme, Gets Slammed By Twitterati

Rishi Kapoor did it again and this time he abused a woman in her inbox for making fun of flop films the Kapoors have given over the time. And the actor wasn’t even sorry for it.

Raishi Kapoor faced a massive backlash on Twitter after this woman accused him of abusing her on Twitter. The womanposted a thread how it all started and ended up Kapoor abusing the woman.

It all started when Shivani Channan shared a meme featuring Rishi, his wife Nitu and son Ranbir Kapoor from a poster of the film ‘Besharam’. She made the meme after Kapoor’s remark on Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Berkley.

Channan reminded the actor that had it not been for the Dynasty, Ranbir Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor himself won’t get as many chances even after giving flops.

And Rishi Kapoor lost his cool when Channan made this meme featuring the Kapoors.

Rishi Kapoor decided to DM Channan. This is what it looked like.

All hell broke loose after the news spread on social media. The actor had it from the netizens and got reported by many.

Notably this was not the first time Rishi Kapoor had abused someone on Twitter.

This is what the actor had to say after getting the flak.

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