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Rishi Kapoor Vs ‘Abusive Pak Woman’ Is Taking Over The Internet

Rishi Kapoor has been lately making waves on Twitter. The actor is well known for his controversial tweets. This time his conversation with this Pakistani girl named Fariha is making it to headlines. It all started when Rishi Kapoor tweeted that ‘all’ Pakistan wants is hatred. India has been trying to improve relations with Pak via films and sports but Pakistan just wants hatred, he said. The tweet is believed to be in reference to Kulbhushan Jadhav, an Indian national accused of spying by Pakistan, who was sentenced to death. To which a Pakistani girl retweeted that how ignorant the actor(Rishi Kapoor) is. And then there was a row of ‘taking’ and ‘giving back’ tweets from both the ends.

Here is their conversation.

Later in his tweet Rishi Kapoor claimed that the girl made her tweets unavailable.

But the girl who is now famous by the name ‘ABUSIVE PAK WOMAN’ on the internet had something else to say. When someone asked her how she made her tweets unavailable. She replied that she hasn’t and went on to troll Rishi Kapoor for one more time saying that the actor doesn’t understand technology.

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