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The Most Hilarious Dialogues of Babu Rao From Hera Pheri

Talk of the comedy in Indian Cinema and ‘Hera Pheri’ is the name that clicks in our mind before anything. And Babu Rao emerged as the most favourite character among all. With typical Marathi accent , he managed to make people laugh throuh out. The film had a simple and believable story which kept people involved. The following dialogues from Babu Rao Ganpat Rao Apte are going to bring you some serious Nostalgia.

1. You don’t call Babu BHAIYA just ‘Babu’ unless you want a hike in House Rent 😛

2. English is the last language you speak in with Babu Rao. Ye ‘Speaking’ mastt surname hai re Baba.

3. Learn some manners from Marathi Maanus. You don’t lift a girl if you don’t know her well and especially when she is that heavy. 😀

4. Babu Rao is precise as hell. Not a penny more , not a penny less.

5.Showing his smartness, ‘Trapping you and then thrashing you’ – Ye Babu Rao ka style haiiii.

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