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This Old Photo Of Ranveer Singh Becomes The Troll Content For Twitter

A picture from an old photo shoot of Ranveer Singh has resurfaced on the internet. Twitter dug out the picture and made really funny memes which are going to make you laugh your heart out. Going by Ranveer Singh’s hairstyle in the picture , it was clicked 2 years back sometime around Bajirao Mastani.

The picture has two Ranveers. While the first one is meditating in the foreground , the other one gives a nasty look to the former in the background as if he has in his mind,something completely contradicting. These hilarious memes are going to make your Monday.

1. The truth has been spoken. Inner Ranveer tells the truth that it’s not for the movie. 😛

2. This one is from Facebook. When AIB decided to troll Ranveer.

3. Old, but goes well with the picture. The most common problem we have while going to bed.

4. Lol! Bajirao ne Mastaani se mohabbat toh ki hai, but with a pinch of Ayyashi.

5.Be it the eccentric colors he chooses or the outfits themselves, Ranveer is well known for his bizarre fashion sense. But does he care? No! So once again he gets trolled for the same.

6. Others may like or not but Ranveer’s exceptional energy level doesn’t let him sit back. His feet just go with the flow.

7. Everyone was trolling Ranveer so we decided to make our own version of it. 😛

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