US President Donald Trump Spells The Word ‘Heal’ Right In 3 Attempts, Gets Trolled By Followers

US President Donald Trump got confused between ‘heel’ and ‘heal’. It took the President three attempts before he could get the word ‘heal’ spelled right.

While attempting to comment on protests in Boston on Saturday, President Donald Trump tried to tweet a message saying that “sometimes you need protest in order to heal” multiple times before spelling ‘heal’ correctly.

The president was quick to delete the incorrect tweets, before posting the one with the proper spelling. But by the time he fixed his mistake, users had already taken the screenshots of the incorrect versions.

Donald Trump’s tweets with full of typo errors left many of his followers amused. They mocked the president with their funny reactions.

#1) Merriam-Webster tweeted out the definitions to “heal,” “heel” and “he’ll.”

#2) Third time is a charm.

#3) Just asking.

#4) A big day.

#5) Taking a dig.

#6) He’s got good GENES. Oops, I mean JEANS.

#7) Never gets old. LOL!

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