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Virender Sehwag Reveals A Lot On Losing The Team India Coach Job To Ravi Shastri

Virender Sehwag, who lost the post of team India coach to Ravi Shastri after ex-coach Anil Kumble had a fall out with the skipper Virat Kohli, tells the reasons why he applied and lost. When asked about missing on the team India coach job, Sehwag said,

“Dekhiye main coach isliye nahi ban paaya kyonki jo bhi coach chun rahe the unse mera koi setting nahin tha. (Look I couldn’t become the (India) coach because I didn’t have any setting (common slang for hobnobbing with decision-makers) with those who were in power of appointing the coach).”



Virender Sehwag says he was never interested in being the coach of Indian team and would not be anytime soon. He forwarded the application to the BCCI just because he was requested and he wanted to help the Indian cricket.

“I never thought of coaching the Indian cricket team. I was given an offer to coach the team. The BCCI (acting) secretary Amitabh Chaudhary and GM (Game Development) MV Sridhar came to me and requested me to think about the offer. I took my time and then applied for the position,” Sehwag revealed.”

When asked about the backdrop of his application, Sehwag said,

“I thought since they are requesting me, I should help them. I never thought of applying on my own nor will I ever apply in future”



Sehwag also said that he had no idea that Ravi Shastri would apply for the same because Ravi had once told Sehwag during ICC Champions Trophy that he don’t want to repeat his mistakes. Had he known Ravi’s intentions ,he would not have given his application. He said,

“When I was in England during the Champions Trophy, I had asked Ravi Shastri that why he hasn’t applied for the post? Shastri then told me that he will not repeat the mistake which he had already made once.”



Sehwag added that he even consulted Virat Kohli before applying and forwarded his application to BCCI only after Kohli asked him to go for it. He said,

“I also had a word with Virat Kohli, he asked me to go for it. It was only then that I applied.”

Ironically, Indian skipper Virat Kohli’s strong support for Ravi Shastri was a major reason why Ravi Shahtri became the coach.

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