Vivek Oberoi Shares Video Of What Happens To Ganpati’s Idols Once The Celebrations End

If we believe and love God, shouldn’t we be saving its creation or what may be the other name for the God itself – Nature? Knowingly or unknowingly are we doing something that might hurt our reverence and pollute the nature.

Actor, Vivek Oberoi shared one such video that’s both painful to watch and an eyeopener. Is this why we worship an idol, just to leave it to get dumped among other wastes? This questions the sanctity of our faith and pollutes the mother nature.

Amid beating of ‘Dhols’ and chanting ‘Ganpati Bappa Maurya’ we finally bid goodbye to Lord Ganesha few days back. But in this video after the ‘Ganpati Visarjan’ it is sad to see that how Ganesha’s idols are left to be thrown as muck.

Three men can be seen throwing down Ganesha’s idols like any other stone. This is the video Vivek Oberoi shared and see how people reacted. The actor also urged fans to opt for Eco-friendly Ganesha. Vivek captioned it, “Painful to watch, eye opener! We all must shift to #EcoFriendlyGanesha to keep the sanctity of our faith & prayers! @deespeak @Riteishd @dna”

This is how people reacted to the video.






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