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Watch: Sneak Peek Of ‘Phurr’ Which Is Going To Be First Paid Song In Indian Music’s History

Day after teasing fans with ‘Phurr’, Shah Rukh Khan has released a longer sneak peek of the song. The song features Punjabi Boy Harry aka Shah Rukh Khan and Gujrati girl Sejal aka Anushka Sharma. Shah Rukh Khan is making us drool over his Punjabi Bhangra moves in the video.



The song ‘Phurr’ from SRK’s next ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’, a collaboration between Pritam and American DJ Diplo, is a mix of Bhangra and EDM. The song is expected to rise to the top of the charts in no time. The voices in the song belong to Mohit Chauhan and Tushar Joshi.

Why do anything else when you can #Phurrr! Diplo Pritam Anushka Sharma Sony Music India Imtiaz Ali Red Chillies Entertainment

Posted by Shah Rukh Khan on Wednesday, 2 August 2017

This is just a sample video. The original one is reportedly going to be a lot different.


In a landmark move, Sony Music India has put the full version of the song behind a limited-time paywall. That means listeners will have to be on premium subscription to watch the song. The reason Sony has chosen this song for the move is because it has international collaboration and is much anticipated.

As reported by HT, commenting on the same Shridhar Subramaniam, President -Sony Music Entertainment said,  

“The concept of  ‘everything-free’  will change or rather needs to change to an ecosystem where some things will be free and other things will be paid. The reason ‘Phurr’ was chosen is because it is the biggest project of the year with an international collaboration so we felt that if we are taking this step then we must do it with a very big song. We needed a big project with a must-listen song that had so much anticipation.”

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